ancestryPomeranian ancestry goes back over 10,000 years ago. This breed has been depicted in stone and bronze sculpture on urns and slabs found in Egyptian tombs. The Pomeranian breed came from the province of Pomerania, Germany, in a region of Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea. They were used to herd sheep and pull sleds. The dogs weighed as much as 35 pounds.

In 1761 the Pomeranian became a companion to Queen Charlotte, wife of King George the 3rd. On tour in France, Italy in 1888, Great Britain's Queen Victoria obtained a red sable Pomeranian named Marco. Queen Victoria exhibited the Pomeranians. The English Pomeranian Club was formed in 1891. She kept a large kennel and started to breed the Pomeranian smaller until her death in 1901. The Pomeranian made its first show appearance in America in 1882 with nearly 200 entries!!!


In 1896 two size categories appeared for Pomeranians for the shows. One for Pomeranians eight pounds and one for Pomeranians under eight pounds. Today we see many Pomeranians in movies such as the biographical movie Liberace and in the television series The Nanny. Champion Great Elms Prince Charming the 2nd, the Pom who won the Westminster Show in1988, topped his show career starring in television commercials as a representative of a dog food company.

Enjoy this interesting bundle of history. The Pomeranian is responsible, they are quick to endear themselves to all who are closely associated with them. Our young and old Pomeranians are the happiest dogs that I have ever owned. Pomeranians may come in small packages but they are incomparable as companions of all ages. They have many talents and accomplishments. Their acute hearing and alertness makes them a good watchdog. They are very clean and the adaptability makes the Pomeranian suitable to a country home or compact apartment. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Their good manners make them a welcome visitor everywhere.